7 Quick Questions with Boone

If you haven’t met or worked out with Boone, you are missing out! Here’s your chance to get to know him a little better today!

1) What Brought you to BCCF?
In the late summer of 2012 I was working out with a friend at LA Fitness and we discussed changing our workout style by adding some Crossfit into our regular workout routine. In the effort to find a Crossfit gym which met our needs we decided to try out a few different gyms and I tried BCCF because of a couple friends who recommended based on the coaching and the programming. My friend tried a different gym and we never spoke again.

2) What do you do for a living?
I earn income as an analytical system design engineer. In short I design systems which provide a signal of a desired measured component which could be anything from pH, conductivity, to specific compounds such as H2S, CO, CO2, or even water.

3) What was your workouts before BCCF, and any sports you played?
Other than my time at LA Fitness, I used to run track in college and also played softball in a noncompetitive league is Friendswood.

4) What is your favorite workout movement?
Bear complex has always been my favorite movement, if you try really hard you can reverse curl the power clean to make sure you work the biceps.

5) What motivates you?
Always trying to be better than myself has been a constant motivation in my life, if you can do it once do it again, and why not faster.

6) What is/ are your greatest improvements since being at the BCCF?
Despite still being terrible at them, hand stand pushups is probably where I am most improved.

7) What goals do you have that the BCCF community can help you with?
I want to start working on my beer mile, so drinking while working out I suppose is the next logical step. I am going to count on the continued support of everyone at the gym to ensure I do not slack on my training.


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