7 Quick Questions with Mike Juge

Michael Juge has been an incredible addition to the BCCF Community – if you haven’t had the chance to visit with him, do it soon!!!!

1) What Brought you to BCCF?
My kids were enrolled in Kids Crossfit and my son wanted me to share in the fun, so I took him on his suggestion. Besides, I felt as though I was stagnating in my workout routines at the time.

2) What do you do for a living?
I am an intelligence analyst with the U.S. Department of State

3) What was your workouts before BCCF, and any sports you played?
Before joining BCCF, I ran 3 days a week and did some circuit training the other two days of the week that I picked up from Men’s Health magazine.

4) What is you favorite workout movement?
I enjoy doing rope climbs, cleans, and bench press. Rope climbs are something I enjoy because I didn’t believe I could ever do them, and now it’s something I’m rather good at doing. I enjoy bench press because it’s one of the exercises I excel, and I enjoy cleans as I see constant progress in my form and weight capabilities.

5) What motivates you?
It certainly is not being first, because I am usually the “slow zebra” in my class. What motivates me is the prospect of getting into the best shape I can where me at 44 is sexier than me at 40. Also, I get this real sense of accomplishment when I finish a WOD that I didn’t think I could do, or when I increase my weight lifting. It’s something I don’t get from work.

6) What is/ are your greatest improvements since being at the BCCF?
Rope climbs, cleans, and pull ups

7) What goals do you have that the BCCF community can help you with?
I would like to get better at pull ups and learn muscle ups. Eventually, I want to be able to wear 36s in jeans.

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