7 Quick Questions with Nathaniel Meiske

7-1-5 Nathaniel Meiske – if you haven’t had the chance to meet or workout with Nathaniel, here’s some info about one of our newer BCCF clients!

1) What Brought you to BCCF?

Nearing my 30th birthday, I wanted to do something to improve my state of physical fitness. I hadn’t made a point of engaging in regular exercise in the past few years and I wanted to make a change. I knew simply joining a gym wouldn’t cut it – I just don’t have the motivation to work out alone. A friend suggested I look past some of the preconceived notions I had about crossfit (just a bunch of meat-head, pretty-boy “bros” drinking the koolaid) and give it shot. I did a search for gyms in my neighborhood and found BCCF. Met with Tanner, took the intro classes with Geno and the rest is history. I’ve really enjoyed the 7:15 class. Great coach, supportive cohorts, and a fun environment. What more could I ask for?

2) What do you do for a living?

I’m a Landman for a major oil company – basically a project manager that brokers the ability to drill petroleum wells from an office in Houston.

3) What was your workouts before BCCF, and any sports you played?

I did P90X years ago to prepare for a Tough Mudder with friends. I really enjoyed the philosophy of “muscle confusion” that manifested in a multitude of motions and movements that never got old. Otherwise, I hadn’t been very good at engaging in strength training – I ran and biked occasionally, but nothing in the way of a consistent workout regimen.

4) What is you favorite workout movement?

Honestly, I’m enjoying just about every motion in the WODs (except overhead squats)! Everything is still fresh and new; I love waking up sore, knowing it means I’m getting fit.

5) What motivates you?

Improving my level of fitness so that I’m never physically incapable of going out and living life – whether it’s skiing in the Rockies, hiking up a mountain in Europe or just some pickup sports on the weekend. I want to be able to feel confident my body won’t hold me back from any adventure my 30s have to offer. That may sound cheesy, by it was a real concern I had before joining crossfit – whether or not I’d be capable of doing stuff with friends and family.

6) What is/ are your greatest improvements since being at the BCCF?

I really feel a change since starting crossfit – I’ve had a noticeable improvement to my daily energy levels and my overall state of mental wellbeing. My cardio has improved and my overall dexterity better – I don’t get muscle strain doing chores around the house anymore, I don’t feel soreness from simple, mundane tasks. Crossfit has truly helped me feel stronger and better about myself; that’s what motivates me to keep coming back for more. Pain is just weakness leaving the body…or some shit like that.

7) What goals do you have that the BCCF community can help you with?

Just keep me honest. Don’t let me quit. Push me to work harder, pull heavier and endure more. But most importantly, keep it fun – something we have no shortage of with the 7-1-5. I’m fortunate to be part of a great group of people and look forward to the years to come.

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