VIC ZACHARY – Owner and FounderVic_KB-186x300


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Kids
  • Coaches Prep Course
  • Olympic Lifting cert
  • Kettlebell cert
  • Endurance cert
  • Whole 9 seminar
  • CF Football Cert
  • CrossFit Joint Mobility and Recovery
  • Barbell cert.

I grew up in Houston, Texas, and graduated from St. Pius X High School in 2000 where I played football, soccer, and ran track. Immediately following high school, I enlisted in the Army and was stationed at Fort Bragg, in the 82nd Airborne. While in the Army I was in charge of running P.T. and I graduated from Airborne and Ranger School. I was sent to Iraq from March 2003 to September 2003 and left the Army with an Honorable Discharge as an E-5(SGT).

Once out of the Army I went to work for Wackenhut Security Service in Oakridge, Tennessee. While I was at Wackenhut, I was a member of the Special Response Team for over a year. After Tennessee, I became a Federal Agent for the D.O.E. and was stationed in Amarillo, Texas. I was on the Special Response Force for my last two years and a firearms instructor for the Agency. I competed in the Security Protection Officer Training Competition (SPOTC) in 2005 and 2006, and I also competed in the World SWAT Challenge in 2006.

Competed in:

  • The 2009 CrossFit Games (Individual)
  • The 2010 CrossFit Games (Individual)
  • 2010 Half IronMan 70.3 Austin
  • 2011 Houston Marathon
  • The 2011 CrossFit Games (Team)

KATIE RUSSELLKatiefront-rack


  • Crossfit Level I Cert
  • KettleBell Cert
  • Endurance Cert
  • Strongman Cert
  • Olympic Lifting Cert
  • Coaches Prep Course

Katie Russell began CrossFit in September of 2008 and immediately became addicted. In July 2009 she became CrossFit level I certified Katie graduated from St. Pius X high school and received her BS in Kinesiology with a minor in Health from Sam Houston State University in December of 2009. She has been an athlete, health, and fitness enthusiast all her life and is passionate about helping others to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle. Katie has completed her first half-marathon and recently completed her first full Marathon Jan 2012. She was a member of the Bayou City CrossFit team during the 2011 and 2012 CrossFit Games.After four years of working towards various goals in CrossFit, she decided to go for her biggest one yet this past year and make it back to the CrossFit games as a individual. Katie placed 9th in the 2013 South Central region and is already in the midst of her training for 2014. Through her education and fitness training experience, Katie is able to motivate individuals to obtain and reach their best fitness goals.



  • Crossfit Level 1 Cert
  • Trigger Point Cert
  • NSCA CSCS (Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist)

Sports, fitness and healthy competition have always been something i’m inextricably drawn to. Beyond this, I’ve always enjoyed teaching and elevating others to perform more efficiently and with confidence.  Enter CrossFit.  I was a lucky early-adopter over 8 years ago and I haven’t looked back.  As a four-time CrossFit Games individual and team competitor in Aromas and Carson, California; I understand what it takes to go from beginner to advanced and hope to show you the joy and advantage the CrossFit Fitness paradigm has to provide you.  University of Texas Graduate in Kinesiology and Business.

Competition History:

  • South Central Regional Competition 2009, 7th Place
  • Crossfit Games 2009 Affiliate Team Competitor (CrossFit Central), 2nd Place
  • South Central Sectional 2010, 1st Place
  • South Central Regional Competition 2010, 6th Place
  • CrossFit Games 2010 Affiliate Team Competitor (Crossfit Central), 6th Place
  • South Central Sectional Competition 2011, 36th Place
  • South Central Regional Competition 2011, 3rd Place
  • CrossFit Games 2011 Individual Competitor, 45th Place
  • Crossfit Games 2012 Affiliate Team Competitor, 26th Place



  • Crossfit Level 1
  • Strongman Cert
  • Gymnastics Cert
  • Endurance Cert
  • Coaches Prep Course

Lori started at Bayou City CrossFit in August of 2010. Initially intimidated by the class environment, Lori opted to train one-on-one with Coach Katie for over 6 months before she entertained taking an actual CF class. She quickly overcame her fears one at a time and embraced the CF community and all it had to offer. Driven by her desire to help people push past their limits, Lori got her Level 1 Certification in August of 2011 and is now coaching at Bayou City and PinUp Crossfit. Lori lives through her passion for fitness and nutrition – and is inspired by helping others succeed. Lori is excited to empower others to reach their full potential both in CrossFit and in life.  Lori coaches Crossfit classes, offers one-on-one training and Nutrition Consulting.

“I LOVE helping people do things that they didn’t think they could do. Watching and helping clients push past their fears/limitations and achieve their goals gives me the greatest satisfaction as a coach.”
-Lori Reilly



  • Crossfit Level 1 Cert

Senior started CrossFit in July 2008. Not able to complete more than 5 minutes of workout, to losing 50 lbs. and able to complete modified W.O.D.’s. He became Level 1 instructor in July of 2009. Graduated with B.S. in Business in 1975 at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Has worked in management the past 30 years in Restaurant (Fuddruckers) and Construction (Boeker Countertops of Houston) His goal is to help all and especially Seniors become healthy and live the best of our lives during the golden years.



  • Crossfit Level 1 Cert
  • Endurance Cert
  • Coaches Prep Course
  • USAW Level 1 Cert

Tanner Debettencourt started Crossfit in August of 2009 and has loved it ever since. He played football and baseball in high school, becoming an All-District selection his senior year. In 2013 he graduated from Lawrence University (WI) where he was a four year varsity baseball letter winner. He was named the Captain of the baseball team his Junior and Senior year. He also became the baseball team’s strength and conditioning coach his last two years of college. Through his years of college, whenever Tanner would come home for break he would coach Bayou City Crossfit’s Teen class. It was his experience coaching these kids and his teammates that made him want to go into Crossfit coaching full-time.

Monica Wonzer


  • Crossfit Level 1 Cert
  • Crossfit Kids Cert

Monica found Bayou City in July of ’09. Growing up a competitive gymnast & cheerleader she immediately knew CrossFit was right for her. But more than that BCCF & all that it encompasses was an instant new home & love. Monica has always been passionate about health, fitness,sports, competition, & children. So it only seemed fitting her ultimate goal was to coach the kids program at Bayou City. In Sept of 2011 Monica completed her CrossFit level 1 & the following year completed her CrossFit Kids cert.

Monica graduated from St.Pius High School in ’98 where she cheered on the competitive cheer team all 4 years. In 2002 she graduated from the University of Texas Health Science Center with a B.S. in nursing. She currently works in the Neonatal ICU at the Woman’s Hospital of Texas where she has worked the past 11 years.

“I love working with children & find deep gratification in knowing that I am helping to mold their future & making sure fitness is fun for them! That is why I absolutely LOVE what I do & what is better than being able to act like a kid again & it be OK!”

Geno Saenz IIIgeno


  • Crossfit Level 1 Cert

Geno’s Crossfit journey started in October 2012 and he immediately fell in love with it. Starting at about 250 lbs with little muscle, Geno has overcome a lot, learned a lot and is not only down to 200 lbs, but is lifting over his bodyweight. Being a computer technician and programmer, attention to detail is critical to everything he does. From perfecting technique to absorbing information – his focus is 100%.

In the 2014 Open, Geno was in the top third in the world and is still making strides in power and performance. In August 2014, Geno attended his Crossfit Level I Certification and after studying and shadowing – passed his test and is ready to Coach!

Erin Palmergeno


  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
  • NASM Personal Trainer
  • Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner (CNHP)
  • Certified in Nutrition
  • Certified in Detoxification & Healing through Food

Erin Palmer started CrossFit in October 2012 and instantly fell in love with the intensity of the sport. A lifelong athlete, dancing on Performance, Competition and National Dance Teams from the age of 3-18 and running many half marathons all through her 20’s, Erin finds that CrossFit challenges her to always strive for her best and inspires her to compete with herself daily.

Erin has worked in the healthcare field as a CNHP for over 7 years and has run her own natural healthcare practice for 5 years. About 2 years ago she decided she wanted to focus more on the driven CrossFit community that she loves so she created her one-on-one program The Beast Mode Method specifically for dedicated CrossFitters. In this online program Erin creates an efficient, transformational and customized program for each of her determined clients by taking their unique biochemistry into consideration. Check out to learn more.

Originally from St. Cloud, MN, Erin and her husband moved to Houston at the end of December 2013. She taught some nutrition classes at Bayou City CrossFit that spring and instantly fell in love with the energy of the Box, the kind people and the community at Bayou City CrossFit, so when the Box she was attending closed their doors, she knew right away which Box would be her new home.

Erin has a passion for helping people improve their quality of life by educating them about proper nutrition and helping them achieve their goals in CrossFit.

Luis Robinsongeno


  • NSCA- CSCS (Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist)
  • Level I Crossfit Trainer
  • Cooper Institute Trainer
  • Kettlebell Trainer

Luis graduated from Texas State with a B.S in Exercise and Sports Science and a minor in Psychology. A lifelong athlete Luis became a fitness coach in 2008 and found CrossFit in 2009. He enjoys being able to help individuals accomplish something that they haven’t done in years or ever.

“The pure joy people get when they reach their goals is the most rewarding feeling and drives me to become better.”

My mission is to help people be the best version of themselves.