Our Story


Bayou City strives to be the best Crossfit gym possible.  We understand the importance of hard work as well as a supportive community and we go above and beyond to make sure you get both!

We care about form, mechanics and injury prevention.  Crossfit is a fitness program that is fun, challenging and produces great results –safety is our key priority to ensure you are meeting your goals in safe and effective manor.  Our coaches will make sure you do all movements correctly before adding weight – and will provide feedback during every workout.

We spend 25-50% of each class on group warm-up, dynamic drills, and mobility. You won’t find this at every Crossfit box – and we’re proud that our coaches take YOUR Crossfit seriously.
Our coaches email their classes weekly with instructional videos, relevant articles and upcoming events.  These are simple ways for us to build strong client relationships!

We have a great community – athletes and coaches – that come together to create a fun, welcoming environment.  From the beginner to the competitive athlete, we believe anyone can find their place at Bayou City Crossfit!

We’re a better box because our community and commitment to success!