Andrew Fuhrmann

-How long have you been doing Crossfit?  I started April 2012

-Which class do you take? M, W, F 5:30pm

 -What made you want to start Crossfit? I have done “normal” workouts for years and had gotten really bored and lost a lot of my motiviation. I love working out but when it began to become a chore, I knew I needed to do something else. Crossfit was a way to completely change up what I was doing.

-Have you notice any changes/benefits from doing Crossfit? Absolutely. As opposed to increasing my strength in one area like bench press or mile time, I’ve noticed an increase in my strength, endurance, and overall athletic ability.

-What are your favorite aspects of a Crossfit WOD? Every WOD is designed to push you. Because of the variety of movements, your heart rate stays high as well as your work output. For example, the muscles you use to do KB swings get a chance to rest while you do box jumps but you continue to push your cardio. Almost every WOD has that “gut check” moment. It is amazing the kind of workout you can get from 10-15 min.

-Favorite movements? Power Cleans

-Least favorite movements? OHS

-Crossfit in 5 words! Team environment, Fun, Challenging, Rewarding

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