Firefighters Helping Firefighters Crossfit Competition

Join the community in two workouts that highlights the skills and movements necessary in the firefighting profession, while supporting Firefighters Helping Firefighters.



Outside The Box – Nutrition Seminar

Outside the Box Seminars Bayou City CrossFit May 2014

Here is the link to sign up for the Nutrition Seminar: (this is a one day pass)

Here is the link for all 3 classes:

H-Town Flyers ROWing Event

Want to show your support for a local Rowing Team and get your ROW on at the same time???

The H-Town Flyers are co-hosting an indoor rowing race at ROW Studios downtown to raise money for their team to compete in the Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association (SIRA) Championships in April.

Bayou City is encouraging our members to sign up and show support! Register TODAY as an individual competitor or get your crew of 9 together to do the Team ROW of 8,500 meters.

Coach Lori has already started recruiting her team and would LOVE to see other Bayou City Teams entered.

Email if you are interested in joining a team or have any questions!

See event details below:

H-Town Sprints Flyer


We know The Open is right around the corner, but there is a 5k on March 30th at 8am at Reliant Park that we are encouraging you to participate in! It’s the Run for the Rose. It’s for the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital.

Click here for details about this event. Greg’s family members used to be clients at Bayou City. With Cancer having effected a lot of us through love ones and friends, it would be great to go out there and run in support of this cause.

“Brain cancer is a devastating, deadly disease and Greg fought the fight with honor and grace for almost 2 1/2 years. Our lives were turned upside down, but we decided to continue the fight in his memory. Since his death in 2009, life expectancy has already increased and that is the goal. We stand determined to make a difference for others. Thank you for joining us in the fight. Your unselfish generosity is deeply appreciated. God bless you.”

Most of us will workout the Saturday before doing the final Open WOD, so we can use it as a active rest day to loosen up the soreness.

Vic created a link so we can have BCCF as a team! We’re encouraging all coaches and clients to register and run!


The 2014 Crossfit OPEN

The Crossfit Open is the start of the road to the 2014 Crossfit Games. The Open consists of 5 workouts over 5 weeks starting February 27th and ending March 31st. All athletes interested in participating have the option to perform each workout at a registered affiliate (Bayou City) or to submit a videotape of their performance to the Games website.

The Open is for EVERYONE! Even if you have no desire to compete or are brand new to Crossfit – EVERYONE is able to participate in these weekly workouts. It’s an opportunity for you to gain an appreciation for your strengths, weaknesses and mental toughness.

Bayou City will be hosting weekly Open workouts on Saturdays at 8:00am for all participants to complete their workouts. Please see schedule below for the dates and times:
Saturday, March 1st – Bayou City Crossfit – 8:00am
Saturday, March 8th – Bayou City Crossfit – 8:00am
Saturday, March 15th – Bayou City Crossfit – 8:00am
Saturday, March 22nd – Bayou City Crossfit – 8:00am
Saturday, March 29th – Bayou City Crossfit – 8:00am

*If you are not able to come to one of the above workouts, you must coordinate alternative judging times directly with Lori via email.

If you are interested in participating in the Open, register online at

*If you are planning to complete each weekly workout at Bayou City, you will also need to register at
The cost for participating in all weekly workouts at BCCF is $50.

1. Log on to your Front Desk account.
2. Click on “Services”
3. Scroll to bottom and click “CrossFit Open Judging”
4. On calendar, click on March 1st (or any of the 5 Saturdays). Click enroll – it will say purchase required to enroll.
5. Choose one-time visit or 5-visit pass. Takes you directly to checkout.

We encourage anyone and everyone to SIGN up and participate in the Open. Have fun with the workouts and enjoy the community aspect of Crossfit.

We want everyone – whether or not you are participating in the Open – to come out and cheer on others each Saturday as they complete each workout. The more energy and excitement in the crowd the better!


Important Box Closing Notice

BCCF Clients: Important Box Closing Notice

Due to anticipated icy road conditions tonight and tomorrow morning, Bayou City is canceling all Friday morning classes (5am, 5:45am and 6:15am). The box will be open for the 4:00pm and 5:00pm classes and you are welcome to come then.

We apologize for the inconvenience but you safety is our #1 priority!

PurePharma Supplements in stock NOW!


PurePharma supplements are now in stock at Bayou City.  As discussed at the Nutrition Challenge Kick-Off meeting, these supplements work in conduction with your clean eating and workout plan.


Now in stock:
*PurePharma3: The complete package. A 30-day supply of Omega 3, Vitamin D and Mineral Magnesium    $65

*Omega 3: Helps reduce inflammation, maintain cardiovascular health, maintain brain function and vision    $35

Buy your PurePharma supplements NOW and help your body reach it’s full potential!



Paleo Sweet Pot Muffins Recipe

Here’s the recipe for the delicious Paleo Sweet Pot Muffins that Coach Katie had at the box last Saturday!

1/2 cup sweet
1/3 cup honey
2 eggs
1 cup almond flour
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp cloves

Heat oven at 350 degrees.
Wrap sweet potato in saran wrap and microwave until done.
Mix in food processor: sweet potato, eggs and almond flour. Mix until soft. Then mix in rest of ingredients.
Spray muffin cups with coconut oil so they don’t stick.
Bake for 7-10 minutes.



Bayou City will have the BOD POD this Friday, November 22nd from 4:00-6:00pm.  The BOD POD is a quick and accurate way to have your body composition tested. Please see details below.
Sign up sheets for specific time slots will be posted at the box today!  Make sure you sign up in order to guarantee your spot!  BOD POD tests are $50 each.

About the BOD POD

Fast, Accurate, and Safe.
The Bod Pod which is largely accepted in Hospitals, research, Military, and Sports Science labs is gaining recognition among the fitness community as well. Mobile Bod Pod was developed in response to requests from trainers, coaches, fitness club owners, and weightloss clinics unhappy with the inaccuracy and inconvenience of other measurement methods. Using patented air displacement technology the BOD POD is easier, quicker, and much more precise than calipers, bioelectric impedance, and the dunk tank. It also offers features designed specifically for the exercise and fitness club environment.

The BOD POD offers:
• Proven accuracy using whole-body density measurement
• Fast and easy test time – about 5 minutes
• Ability to accommodate all types of populations (including children, the elderly, and the disabled)
• User friendly testing capability; Minimal operating time required
• Unmatched reliability as a tracking tool

The BOD POD´s roomy interior accommodates a wide variety of human shapes and sizes. That´s why it´s used routinely to measure the body composition of professional and collegiate football players, basketball players, and even sumo wrestlers! The BOD POD has successfully been used by people weighing up to 500 lbs. It´s also ideally suited for wheelchair athletes, those with special abilities, the elderly, and children. And, because the BOD POD is non-invasive, it is completely safe for regular and repeated testing.

The precision and validity of the BOD POD has been confirmed by numerous independent research studies (just “google” the search terms “Bod Pod research”). The reliability has been proven in the field by leading universities, sports teams, fitness clubs, military organizations, and weight management centers. In fact, no other body composition measurement system can claim the combination of accuracy, safety, and speed that can only be found in the BOD POD.

How the BOD POD works:
The BOD POD technology is fundamentally the same as underwater (hydrostatic) weighing, but uses air instead of water. The BOD POD measures the volume of air a person’s body displaces while sitting inside a comfortable chamber, rather than measuring how much water their body displaces when dunked in a tank. By using air instead of water, the BOD POD offers a fast, safe, and easy-to-use tool for measuring body composition, without sacrificing accuracy.
Since it is based on the same whole-body measurement principle as hydrostatic weighing, the BOD POD first measures the subject’s mass and volume. From these measurements, whole-body density is determined. Using this data, body fat and lean mass can then be calculated.
The BOD POD itself is a dual-chambered, fiberglass plethysmograph that determines body volume by measuring changes in pressure within a closed chamber. The front, or test chamber, has a seat that forms a common wall separating it from the rear, or reference chamber. The door to the front chamber is secured by a series of magnets during the brief data collection period. The BOD POD also has a large acrylic window, providing the subject with a wide field of view, making the test process a comfortable and enjoyable one.

How accurate is the BOD POD?
Research studies at major universities established the outstanding accuracy, safety and speed of the BOD POD. Before the BOD POD, the most accepted method was underwater weighing (the “dunk tank”). When comparing the two methods, the BOD POD and underwater weighing often produce identical results. Many top scientists consider the BOD POD to be even more accurate than underwater weighing because testing with the BOD POD is so easy. The general error range of the BOD POD is 1-2% (the same as hydrostatic weighing).

How does the BOD POD measure body composition?
The BOD POD system measures body composition by determining body volume and body weight. Once those two variables are determined, body density can be computed and inserted into an equation to provide percent fat measurements. Body weight is easily determined by the use of an accurate scale. Body volume is determined by applying the gas law (p1V1=p2V2), an expansion of Boyle´s Law, pV=c. The BOD POD measures volume by monitoring changes in pressure within a closed chamber. These pressure changes are achieved by oscillating a speaker mounted between the front testing chamber and a rear reference chamber, which causes complementary pressure changes in each chamber. The pressure changes are very small and are not noticed by the individual being tested. Three measurements are performed to determine body volume. The volume of the subject chamber while empty is the first measurement taken by the BOD POD. The second measurement is the volume of the subject chamber with the subject inside. By subtraction, the volume of the subject is determined. Combined with the measurement of mass, the subject´s density is determined and subsequently their body composition is determined.

Why is it important to wear proper clothing?
The BOD POD takes very accurate measurements of your weight and volume (the size of your body). Anything that isn´t “you” – including clothing, jewelry, or eyeglasses – can produce inaccurate results. This is why it´s VERY IMPORTANT you wear minimal, form-fitting clothing such as a lycra or Spandex® swimsuit. Single-layer compression shorts and/or lightweight jog bras are also acceptable clothing (without padding or wires). A swim cap must also be worn to compress any air pockets within the hair.

How long does a BOD POD test take?
The time in the chamber consists of two to three separate fifty second scans. A complete test, including printed results, can be accomplished in about 5 minutes. Explanations of the data by a certified technician add an additional bit of time but are part of the test and no additional expense.

What can I expect during a BOD POD test?
Testing in the BOD POD is quick and easy. The process only requires that the person being tested sits quietly in the BOD POD for the brief measurement period (no talking or laughing). You may hear sounds relating to valves opening and closing or the hum of a fan during the procedure. However, no pressure changes will be felt and difficult breathing maneuvers are not required.

How big of a person can fit in the BOD POD?
The BOD POD is designed to accommodate a wide variety of human shapes and sizes. With its generous-sized interior and oversized window, NFL and NBA teams, sumo wrestlers, and people weighing up to 500 lbs. use the BOD POD routinely.

Can I test right after exercising?
No, you should wait at least two hours after exercising. The person being tested in the BOD POD should always be in a completely relaxed state.

How much does a Bod Pod test cost?
Each test is $50 dollars. Multi-test packages are available at a discount for those that want to track their progress over a period of time. 2 tests for $90 or 3 for $130 are available. Mobile Bod Pod accepts cash, check, or credit card for method of payment.

Where are these tests available?
Mobile Bod Pod is a portable self-contained, controlled environment, and calibrated test facility. We arrange with gyms, crossfit centers, and businesses that care to bring advanced technology to their clients! We will be at Bayou City on Friday, November 22nd from 4-6pm for client testing.

Is Mobile Bod Pod available for contests and events like 90-Day challenges?
Yes! You couldn’t ask for a better standard to measure success fairly and accurately than the Bod Pod! Our system has been used by hundreds of clients in just such events leaving no doubt to just what was achieved. We can even offer tracking spreadsheets, contestant chart, prize packages, and awards for programs!


FREE Yoga in October

Yoga Collective is offering FREE Yoga on Saturdays in October!