Cullen Sorrells

Coming out of college, I was pushing 290 pounds.   I was working out
on my own by running a couple of miles trying to work my way through
painful shin splints and occasionally going to the gym. With the help
of a nutrition center I brought myself down to 260.

But, that wasn’t enough for me.  I realized I needed a new pace in my
life and a new challenge. After asking around and looking into
programs I stumbled upon Bayou City Crossfit. Since joining I have
lowered my weight to the 230’s; a weight that I have not been close to
since high school.

In addition, I can now run 10 miles without any body or leg pain, I
have more discipline in my workout schedule and eating habits, and I
feel more motivated to challenge myself through every workout.

Crossfit not only gives you a cardio workout but it gives you a full
body workout strengthening your core. Also, you’re not doing the same
routine workout in every session, which keeps my workouts fresh and
enjoyable. Because the classes are not large you also receive
individual support from your coach and teammates as a community
working together.

I have been in the program for over a year and I am
about to run in Tough Mudder and I’m looking into future marathon or
race opportunities.

-Cullen Sorrells

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