Andrew and I discovered BCCF 4 years ago and it’s made a huge impact on our lives. Sports were my life growing up – I rarely had free time between all the practices and games. Once I got to college, I took a long break from exercising. It wasn’t until I got my first desk job that I started noticing the toll that a lack of exercise was taking on me. I tried going to the gym on my own but without the coaching atmosphere I had trouble staying motivated. Andrew’s sports experience was a little different. After being picked for the C team in 8th grade basketball, only because he had big feet, he decided sports weren’t for him. Andrew slung some weights around with work buddies at the Y but never really saw the results he was hoping for.

Andrew heard about Crossfit from a military friend and started looking into the local affiliates. Bayou City had just moved into their 20th St. box when we contacted Vic for our first Crossfit class. These were the days before intro. sessions so we showed up at the next 6am class. I still remember the WOD like it was yesterday: 50-40-30-20-10 Box Jumps – Situps – Pushups – we couldn’t walk for the rest of the week. Despite the extreme soreness we knew this was something we wanted in our lives. At that time, the 6am class was only offered twice a week but we were able to talk Vic into adding two more days, as long as he got to sleep in on Wednesdays. It was often just the three of us in the first few months…along with the rats that hung out in the rafters. It didn’t take long for Bayou City to grow which led us to move to a bigger building on 25th St. After we were kicked out of that box, due to building permits, we found ourselves working out in the parking lot of 20th St. (the city was on to us). Even though the facilities at Ella and Golf St. are much nicer and more accommodating some of my fondest BCCF memories go back to working out at 20th St. as the sun rose.

Bayou City has positively impacted us in numerous ways and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives. I thought my physical fitness had peaked long ago but Crossfit pushed us
both to new limits. Nutrition is now a part of our daily routine, maybe more for Andrew than me, but our diets are both completely different from 4 years ago. One of the greatest aspects of Bayou City is the community where we’ve met some of our closest friends. Our path may be taking us away from BCCF, although we will be dropping in during our trips to Houston, but we plan to build on the things we’ve learned and gained from this box. Thank you to Vic and Katie for pushing us along with all the people that make Bayou City the amazing place it is.

~ Emily & Andrew


  1. Emily and Andrew,
    Those where some of the best times. Just the 3 of us, then the Crew was born. And all of yall made BCCf what it is today. Yall will be missed and when I get back I am coming to visit.

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