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For the past few months I’ve been training for another “Rim to Rim” with Vic, Sr. and the 5am Masters Class.  Over the Memorial Day Weekend I led a group of 17 hikers in 2 Crossings of the Grand Canyon.  So, you could say I got in a good 30 hour WOD in a span of 72 hours!  I’ve done this trip 5 times now and this was by far the fittest and best prepared I’ve been.  The variety of terrain and the need for trekking poles means that you use a lot of different muscles.  Every squat, box step, slam ball, farmer’s walk, etc. paid off.

The Rim to Rim is on every hiker’s bucket list. It’s hard to capture in words and numbers the scope and intensity of the challenge.  So, imagine doing box steps for 3 hours (going down), then hiking with a pack for 5 hours across the Grand Canyon and then doing box steps again (going up and out) for another 4 hours! You get to recover for a day… and then you hike back across on an even longer trail; and all of this between 2,500 feet and 8,000 plus feet of elevation.


Here are some numbers:

Day 1 hike: 21.9 miles. Roughly the distance from BCCF to Spring Cypress/Hwy 290.
You’d burn 5,000 calories if you hiked a 16-min./mile pace IF you did it on FLAT ground!

North Kaibab elevation rise = 5816 ft. Equal to roughly 9,970 stair-steps, or 550 floors. The world’s tallest skyscraper in Dubai is 2,717 ft. We climbed it TWICE, and then some! Houston’s Chase Tower? A measly 1,001 ft. We did that FIVE times, and still had the height of the Transco Tower left over.

Day 3 hike: 23.5 miles (roughly BCCF to Woodlands Parkway). Bright Angel elevation rise = 4,380 ft. So once you’re good and worn out, the final challenge of the trip is to climb the equivalent of the Empire State Building (1,250 ft) … three-and-a-half times on tired legs!

~ Father Clint

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