Geno Saenz


“Let me tell you about Crossfit!” For one year I’ve been doing Crossfit and I love it.  I started Crossfit October last year after some of my friends started at another gym.  For months I had been trying all kinds of diets and home video programs and none of them were able to keep me on track.  I was 21 years old, weighed about 250, and couldn’t run more than a block without getting winded.

I decided to finally give Crossfit a chance.  My first class had runs, push-ups, and ended with a squat tabata.  I was sore for days, but I had found what I needed. Crossfit gave me structure, the attention I needed, and the great positive atmosphere to push me.  As the months passed, I started getting better and better.  Coaches Katie and Charlie helped to push me past limits I thought would destroy me.  My first front squats barely passed 100 lbs., and just recently I passed 300 lbs!!

Now one year later, I’m in the best shape of my life.  I have the confidence to finally tear off my shirts.  At least once a week I run into someone who asks me how I lost so much weight.  I simply respond Crossfit and never giving up! The butterball is gone and beast mode is here to stay!




  1. good on ya Geno, keep up the hard work young fella!

  2. Love it!! You’ve always been so awesome!! It’s like being in basic training without signing the dotted line, lol! Stay fit cause you’re looking great! Stay Beast Mode!

    You’re #1 Fan and dad,
    Geno Supersaenz Jr.

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