Heather Dimaggio


When did you start Crossfit?
I started Crossfit in August of 2012, and was immediately obsessed. The day after my intro class with Katie, I could barely walk or stay on the back of a horse. It was awesome!

Why did you start Crossfit?
I was looking for something that would get me into shape without being repetitive or boring. And by “in shape,” I mean strong, not skinny. A couple of my coworkers are members at BCCF, and suggested I try it out. After a little research and urging from my husband, I scheduled my intro class.

What is your favorite movement? WOD?
I love heavy Prowler Pushes! Deadlifts are a close second though. And I like tire flips. And atlas stones. So yeah, the strongman stuff.

What is your least favorite movement? WOD?
Box jumps are my least favorite, although I’m currently working on conquering them. Backwards bear crawls are pretty miserable. Does that movement even exist in the wild? If you’re not familiar with them, feel free to drop in on Andrew’s 8:30 class. Tap into your power animal.

Describe Crossfit in 5 words.
Strength, confidence, perseverance, athleticism, community.

What’s your favorite food?
This is an unfair question for an Italian from New Orleans. Way too many options to choose from! I can give you a top three: cheesecake, tomatoes, and baked macaroni.

What is one of your recent accomplishments at the gym that you’re proud of?
I can do unassisted pull-ups! Thanks to my coach, Andrew! I finished the skills to join the Superman Club in March 2013. I wanted to challenge myself as a new Crossfitter, and the Club was the perfect way to do that. At first, I doubted myself. But by the time I finished “Christine,” I thought “Hell yes, I’m finishing this checklist!” And I did.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of Crossfit?
I love horseback riding, reading, travel, cooking, and vegetable gardening.

How has CrossFit affected your daily life?
Extremely positively! I eat mostly Paleo, and I make fitness a daily priority. Being an ER nurse, a lot of strenuous tasks are now much easier for me. Also, my husband and I drop into other boxes when we travel.

What is one of your goals you are currently working towards?
Muscle ups! I would love to get them this year. Watch out, world!

Heather Dimaggio

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