Help a Hero – Benefit for PTSD

Charity WOD to raise awareness for PTSD.

Saturday, November 7th – 9:00am

All proceeeds will benefit:
• Emergency Misinstries – First Responder Partnet of the PTSD Foundation of America
• The 100 Club

Jason A – Partner WOD for time
Drag/Carry 100 ft of fire hose
9 wall walks
29 box jumps (24/20)
39 wall balls (20/14)
1000m row
39 wall balls
29 box jumps
9 wall walks
Drag/Carry 100 ft of fire hose
1 partner works while the other supports his/her teammate.

The WOD will be free but we are asking for donations. 100% of the donations will go to The 100 Club and Emergency Ministries, the official first responder partner of the PTSD Association of America.


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