It has been an amazing 2 years at the box! I have experienced major life changes including getting married and having a baby since I joined the BCCF community! I’ll never forget the first day my husband and I came to the box to try this thing called “CrossFit.” I was nervous, it was hot, Shelby was loud, and Charlie was intimidating with his big muscles (ha!). That day, I could barely swing a 10 pound kettlebell. I thought I was strong! After that day, I was hooked as most of us are after our first trial. I wanted more.
I joined Shelby’s bootcamp. About a month later, I signed up for the first Battle Buddy competition. I never saw anything like this before. There were people everywhere. I forced my non-CrossFit friends come to cheer me on because at that point, I didn’t really know too many people and I was very nervous – I needed support. I shocked myself – I did the push presses at prescribed weight, then I swung that kettlebell with all my might! That kettlebell was 35 pounds and I had no idea. I just did it. Shelby was screaming so loud my adrenaline kicked in! I was so excited. As the year progressed, my strength increased, eating habits changed, and my endurance improved. I did not lose much weight but I did get lean and I felt strong and sexy! That wedding dress looked damn good and I was ecstatic. Then I got pregnant…
When I was released to work out again, I went in full force. I decided after 2 months back in bootcamp, I wanted to challenge myself and join CrossFit. It was a long time coming and I finally did it. At the same time, I signed up for Babes and Barbells. That morning when we weighed in and warmed up, I looked around and didn’t recognize anyone except the other Jacquie from my former bootcamp class. I was intimidated. I could barely clean 75 pounds. My starting deadlift was initially going to be 135; and I thought that was heavy. I stepped up to the bar for my first clean and jerk; wasn’t so bad. Add weight. My third C&J was at 95 pounds. I had to hang clean that bar about 4 times before I finally got it and split jerked it overhead. I was so excited. Everyone cheered for me. Then it was time to deadlift – and when I deadlifted 155, all of the experienced CrossFit girls looked at me and said “you’re going heavier.” I thought, are you kidding me? My last lift and PR was 185! And just last week, I deadlifted 200 pounds! This weekend will be our final lift. I can’t wait to see how far I can push myself.
My husband is nervous that I will eventually lift heavier than him (hehe)! I can’t wait to set more goals and reach PRs! Here’s to being strong and sexy! …and a mom!


– Jackie Abreu-Hill

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