Katie Hengstenberg

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When and why did you start CrossFit? I had been working out for a few years at the gym doing cardio and weight classes. I was under the impression that I was in good shape. Ha! After getting lost in Maui on a hike through a forest of Banyan trees where a short climb up to the highway could have been my rescue, I was proved wrong. My body, although it could do a bicep curl and a few sets of leg extensions, FAILED me when I needed it to climb out of this humid, mosquito infested jungle (yes, yes it was actually quite beautiful, but I stopped enjoying the beauty after 4 hrs without water).

I started Crossfit in June of 2012 on a mission to make my body useful.

What is your favorite CrossFit movement? Clean and Jerk (think bear crawls are super fun too!) Least favorite? 400 meter run!!

What do you feel has been your greatest accomplishment tied to your success at the gym? I started WOD’s with no weight on my bar. Today I’m a few lbs away from prescribed weight.

I started clean and jerks at a max of 75 lbs.
Last weekend I started Babes and Barbells with a 1 RM at 115 lbs.

I started lost and trapped in a jungle.
Last week I hiked/climbed up a 14er outside of Denver.

I still dread running, but my mile has gone from 11:30 to 10:00. It will still keep getting better.

How do you explain CrossFit to someone who hasn’t tried it? So, what is it? A group of incredibly supportive, fun folks who train alongside you so that you are ready for the fullness of life. Crossfit embodies both strength and endurance, both flexibility and agility, both power and technique, both competition and comraderie, both body and spirit.
Who is your coach? Describe him/her in 5 words or less! Lori Reilly: Fully invested in your success!

If you could make your coach do a WOD of your choice, what would it be? Fran! She loves it. ┬áLori is an incredible athlete and it’s pretty awesome to see her at her best!

What is your favorite result of your success in the gym? This year I have experienced how directly related nutrition is to success in the gym. Learning and then committing to consistently putting clean healthy food in my body that will fuel it well is my favorite success! I still love all things sweet, but I love living healthy much more. I know I cannot continue to make the improvements I have without giving the menu each day top priority!

If you could be any super hero, who would you be and why? If there was a lady version of superman – that would be perfect! Who doesn’t want to fly??!!

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