Masters Program

CrossFit  is a principal strength and conditioning program for men and women, and is designed for universal scalability, i.e., designed for all individuals regardless of physical ability, experience or age. 
The popularity of CrossFit,  a group based fitness concept, featuring short but intense workouts, has soared in popularity across the United States.  Despite its intensity, programs for middle age to seniors are now in demand. In response to the growing interest for this age group, Bayou City CrossFit introduced a Master’s Program in 2009.  Despite the intense nature of most WODs (Work Out of the Day), Bayou City CrossFit has designed routines that are modified for all ages and physical abilities. We are extremely proud of our Masters’ program at Bayou City CrossFit. 
Our current Master’s Class enrollment is 25 and continues to grow. Our participants range from age  40  to 70 years young. Coach Vic Sr. leads these “mature” clients in regularly scheduled WODs  at  6:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and on Saturday mornings.

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday: 5:00am-6:00am
Tuesday/Thursday: 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thursday: 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 10:00am


Individual work out sessions:

$ 140 for 10 work outs.
$ 270 for 20 work outs.

Monthly packages (Month is 4 weeks):

$ 99 – 2 times a week ( 8 ) ( Sat. Free )
$ 125 – 3 times a week (12 ) ( Sat. Free )
$ 155 – Unlimited work outs

$ 195 Husband, Wife or significant other 20 work outs a month ( Sat. Free )
$ 265 Husband and Wife Unlimited work outs.


To find out how you can get started, contact Vic Zachary, Sr. at

In considering quality of life, we can find inspiration to change our lives through diet and fitness in order to preserve and improve what health we currently possess. The road to better health is paved with the small decisions we make every day – the choices we make. The Master’s program at Bayou City CrossFit is my preferred workout to live longer and stronger.
-Susan Moran, NY, NY,  57

My children, ages 33 – 36, started CrossFitting several years ago and kept telling me about how hard they work and how they couldn’t imagine going to a “regular” gym again. They loved it! I was pretty impressed with their fitness and strength and also a bit jealous. I thought, “I couldn’t possibly do what they do.” Having seen a couple of CrossFit sessions, I convinced myself that it was too grueling, too rough, too not-for-me. But I was still jealous! So when I heard about this Master’s introductory class at BayouCity CrossFit, I made the decision to go. That first Saturday morning in April of 2010, I started the workout with the rest of the ”younger” set. Panic ensued…”I have to jump up on THAT??”  Thank goodness that Coach Vic, Sr. saw this old woman in distress and came to my rescue. Turns out, I didn’t realize that the Master’s intro started one hour later than the regular intro class. So Vic took me and two other “mature” ladies to the Master’s room and started our intro class. (I got 2 workouts for the price of one!) When Coach Vic told me that I didn’t have to jump up on a 12 inch box or climb up a 15 foot rope (I’m afraid of heights, even 12 inch heights), I figured that I would have to give this CrossFit a chance. And I am glad I did. I’m stronger, slimmer, more energetic and confident. Sometimes I jump up on a six inch box. And that’s progress! I can’t imagine going to a regular gym again. Thanks to my children and to the Vic Zacharys of BayouCity CrossFit for their dedication to the health and fitness of all their clients. You should give CrossFit Masters a try. You won’t regret it.
Anne Shepard, 63, grandmom to 2!

CrossFit, and particularly the Bayou City group, has become an integral part of my entire family’s life.  For me, the best intentions in the world are not enough to help me stay physically fit and healthy – I need a “village” to motivate and encourage me.  That’s what BCFF is – an extension of my family, individuals who I care about and enjoy being around, who push me and congratulate me and sympathize wtih me and sweat and laugh and groan and ache and run and jump and play with me.  I never thought I would say that exercise is fun, but that is really what it is at BCCF. We have a great time, and we work very hard. It is astonishing to see what formerly sedentary adults are capable of doing, with the right coaching and encouragement!  Thanks Vic, Sr. for all that you do for us!
Susan Speer

Dear Mighty Masters of BCCF!
I can hardly see to type this note as my eyes are still teary-eyed after reading your testimonials. My brother and I have always had a very special relationship. Even as a young boy, he has been a kind, supportive, encouraging, friendly and happy soul…well, except when I made him mad as a teenager and backed “our” camaro into Dad’s truck. He was a little angry with me, but he got over it and forgave me. All of this to let you know how much I envy “The Village” or “CF Community” within the Master’s class. I’m so proud of each and everyone of you for taking that first step and not giving up, and continuing to where you are today….YOU ARE ALL UNBELIEVABLE! What a sense of accomplishment you must feel!
I love your testimonials, and appreciate Vic, Sr., (aka Little Brother, or Bub by our family,) keeping me in the loop. Although I don’t get to visit HOU often, when I do see you at the CF Events or workouts, I will feel as though I’m part of your extended family! GO MIGHTY BCCF MASTERS!
Hugs to all,

I was first introduced to Bayou City CrossFit by my 2 daughters who started taking classes there about 3 years ago. Then my youngest daughter Katie became a coach at Bayou City and also started competing.  I would go watch her competitions and just be in awe of the things they did. People would always ask me when I was going to join in and deep down it always intrigued and intimidated me at the same time. Then one day Katie told me about Vic Sr’s Master’s class in that it was definitely the CrossFit model but altered to fit the needs of a more “mature” individual. I was still a little apprehensive but I called my sister in law and talked her into going to the intro class with me and the rest is history.  That was a little over a year ago and I’m still going ‘strong’!  I’ve never felt better and when I went on vacation last year to Wyoming I hiked up the Grand Tetons and felt such a rush of accomplishment. CrossFit Master’s is like family and we  encourage one other and just make it fun. Also Vic Sr is just the most encouraging coach we Master’s could ask for; so we are: “The Mighty Master’s”!
Susan Russell, A Mighty Master!

It has been two years since I stated working out at BCCF.When I started the Masters class it was just Vic Sr and myself at the 19th st Box.He took it easy on me at first not wanting to hurt this “old man” or run him off.Now he throws the new comers right into a 30 min WOD,but they seem get through it and come back for more. Since those first days I have lost weight,increased my endurance and my strength.But more than that, I dont seemed to get stressed out like I use to and my mental focus seems to be a lot better.I have worked out in gyms off and on all my life but never could achieve the results I wanted.But with BCCF you belong to more than a gym.It is more than just a work out like lifting weights,or running.You belong to a complete support group that pushes you to the max.We help and encourage each other to get the maximum out of each work out.The group that I work out with in Masters is awsome.I am inspired by everyone there including the new comers.To see them work so hard just makes you want to work harder.My wife Karen has been coming to BCCF for over a year and is doing great.We have never worked out together before so it has been great to see the improvements she has made.O K,after two years I feel great about myself , but as an old football coach once told me:No matter how a great a game you had there is always room for improvement.There is always work to be done.So now I got to work even harder,eat better and KEEP PUSHING.

I was first introduced to BCC Crossfit as a spectator during a day-long CrossFit competition.  I was immediately encouraged and amazed at the physical strength and endurance of the participants and the cheering throngs of fellow competitors and spectators.  I knew I wanted to be a part of it, but realized my body had “matured” to a different level of ability.  I learned later that Vic, Sr. had started a Master’s class for folks like me who used to be active but may have been taking life a little too easy with regards to a regular schedule of core strengthening exercise.  Finally, after a year of thinking about it, I attended an orientation in December 2010 and started on the path to better health and a stronger body when I joined the Master’s Class.   After 3 months I noticed that I had more energy, my body is stronger and my physical stamina has improved tremendously. The Master’s class has changed my life and given me the results I have been seeking.  We work hard, we have fun, we support each other and we get results – one workout at a time.  And did I mention that the people are great and our Coach is so encouraging.  He knows how to get the best out of our performance!  I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to live better, live stronger and continue doing the things you enjoy as you continue to “mature” to greatness!
Barbara, 65

I have been going to the Master’s Class at Bayou City for almost 2 years now.  As a direct result, I have improved my running pace tremendously.  My endurance and strength has improved also.  My sister, Darlene, used to be a member at BCCF and she always talked about the extreme and insane workouts.  She invited me to watch her in a few competitions and at the box and yep, I thought the workouts were INSANE!  I was a member at a “globo” gym but rarely went.  The thought of going alone and working out alone was not motivating.  I knew I had to do something because I had been running races and half marathons for a few years and my running pace has always remained the same.

My sister kept telling me I can do these workouts…I just have to try.  I finally got the courage to sign up in June 2010 thanks to her.  Then, she tells me she is changing Crossfit locations.  I still went and after my first Intro class at Bayou City was super sore.  Yes, even intro workouts were crazy but I thought maybe after going through all of them, I would be fine with the “big kids”.  Well, even the intro beginning classes were challenging for me.  I was a little worried how I was going to handle the regular classes (I had seen how my “little” sister worked out before).  On the last day of my Intro class, Coach Charlie introduced me to the Master’s.  It was the best thing that happened to me!  Being over 40 and having never really done anything with weights before, it was the perfect class for me.  Since joining the Master’s class, my running pace has gone from 11:00 to 9:30 minute/mile.  My standard half marathon time was holding steady at 2:29 and in November 2011, I ran a half marathon in San Antonio:  I finished 2:14:24.  My best ever!  My endurance has improved and so has my strength.  My sister has even noticed the definition in my arms and abs.  I have met some amazing friends in Master’s.  I may take a little break every now and then but I can never stay away too long.  Coach Vic Sr. is always checking up on us making sure we are okay.  I have had running coaches and trainers in the past and Coach Vic Sr. is definitely the best!
Andrea Granados-Rena