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The MCT oil trend… Should you be jumping on this band wagon?

Every few months it seems as if there is a new trend that is popping up in the health and fitness world. Whether it’s purple potatoes are all-of-a-sudden a miracle food or the ketogenic diet is taking over the world, it seems like the “next best thing” is always right around the corner ready to make us into the best versions of our athletic selves.

So is MCT oil, also known as Medium Chain Triglyceride oil, different from any other trend? Or is this just another gimmick that will be long forgotten by this time next year and all you’ll have to remember it by is a half used 32 ounce bottle of organic coconut derived MCT oil collecting dust in your kitchen cabinet?

In my professional opinion, I believe that MCT oil can play a very important role in many athletes’ health. But like everything else, not every program, product, or protocol is right for every person. So it’s important to do a little research or ask someone, like myself, who works in the health and nutrition realm if MCT oil could be right for you.

Triglycerides, or fats, (don’t let that term freak you out, we all need them) help the body to stay satiated and energized. They help to ward off sugar cravings, hunger and the urge to over eat. They also help us to stay energized both physically and mentally and keep hormones balanced. I also feel it is important to note that taking a MCT oil is not going to increase your triglyceride levels if that is something that is concerning you. Heighten triglycerides comes from an abundance of inflammation throughout the body and from eating too much sugar, starch, processed foods, trans fats and just leading an unhealthy lifestyle in general.

Medium Chain Triglycerides are interesting because they by-pass the digestive tract and are quickly metabolized in the liver to produce energy for immediate use by the body. This makes it a great fat source for those who do not digest fats very well or have gallbladder issues because a MCT oil will make it easier for those with these issues to absorb and utilize fat soluble nutrients like vitamins A, D, E and K much better, which are all needed for hormonal and immune system health and balance.

Coconut derived MCT oil in particular, can help to boost the immune system and balance out digestive issues because of the high levels of caprylic acid in coconut. Caprylic acid is great at killing of microorganisms like molds and fungus, which are very common digestive overgrowth issues I see in many clients who have taken antibiotics, use anti-inflammatory or steroid medications, are on hormonal birth control, have issues with bloating, heart burn and other digestive concerns, crave sugar, alcohol or starches or have a lot of food sensitivities.

I personal take about 1 tsp of MCT oil in the morning with breakfast and find that it really fuels me and keeps me feeling strong throughout my long workouts, making me feel like I can just keep going and going and I don’t feel like it takes me hours to recover after a hard morning of training. Good bye WOD brain!

Every once in a while one of these “next best thing” trends actually holds up. Health and fitness buffs have been using MCT oil for a few years now and many are singing its praises, and for good reason, I think MCT oil is a trend that will become a mainstay.

If you would like to learn more about MCT oil and to find a good, reputable brand (there is A LOT of garbage out there!) check out this great article by Katie, The Wellness Mama. (one of my favorite blogs) oil/

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