Meet Coach Joselyn

Well hello there, it’s nice to check in with many of you from the coaches side of things! For those of you that don’t know me, hey! I’m Joselyn and I’m the latest addition to the coaching staff at Bayou City! At the end of April I hopped on a plane to Atlanta and spent the weekend learning and soaking up as much as I possibly could at the Level 1 seminar, and started coaching the 8:30 AM class shortly after.

Let me share a bit about myself. I love food, my French bull dog Louis, my husband Patrick, and the Saint Louis Cardinals (in no particular order). I have a background in dance, and have trained extensively in classical ballet all my life. I actually majored in dance with an emphasis in ballet in college, but realized somewhere around my junior year that I wanted more out of dance than a ballet company could offer me. I started training on aerial silks, trapeze, and a cube made out of steel pipes that hung about eight feet in the air (yes! Just like Cirque du Soleil! Only they’re a bit better than I am!). I fell in love with the daredevil part of movement, and secretly loved the aches and pains that came with getting stronger.

I moved to Houston from Saint Louis after graduating college because my husband Pat (fiancé at the time) got a job down here, and I finally started crossfit after he basically dropped me at the door and wished me luck. I wish I could say I was smitten after my first one-on-one with Lori Reilly, but it took a month or two or three for me to really love Crossfit, and the natural competition and support within this great loving community. Two and a half years later, here I am, stronger than I have ever been, smarter about my movement inside and outside the box, and happy!

I still dance professionally, so if you would like to see a performance, stay posted for my big show in August at the Hobby Center with my dance company Noble Motion Dance. They’re a contemporary company that really values athleticism, so it’s right up my alley and hopefully yours!

If you want to chat or workout with me sometime, you’ll find me coaching the 8:30 AM! I would love to talk Crossfit, dance, and life with you!

Until next time,
Coach Jos

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