Michael Collins

Michael Collins: “I was determined to improve”

I am a professional hobbyist. I like to try new things, and go where the wind takes me.  When my Lady suggested I try Crossfit, I decided to give it a go.  I was already running half marathons and participating in endurance cycling events.  I was just looking for extra cross-training.  I wasn’t too sure how Crossfit worked, but Shelby said I could try a bootcamp class to see what it was all about.

When I arrived at the gym for the first time, it was intimidating to watch the previous class finish up their workout.  I saw people, in better shape than me, lifting huge weights and doing tons of pull-ups and pushups.  I was thinking that maybe I was in the wrong place.  I could run and cycle, but pushups and pull-ups I wasn’t so sure about.

The first day of Shelby’s bootcamp was definitely an intense workout.  I remember it involved a few rounds of box jumps and pushups.  It sounded easy enough, but I was wrong.  I did my box jumps like a champion, but then came the pushups.  I struggled through the first round of pushups and wasn’t able to complete the final rounds.  My arms had turned to rubber.  I knew I had given it my best shot and instead of feeling defeated, I was determined to improve.  I signed up to attend Shelby’s class three days a week and it was a great decision.

At first, I had to scale back the workouts and use smaller weights.  Within the first few weeks, I could already see improvements.  Eventually, I noticed the workouts got easier and easier.  Shelby also noticed and made me increase the weights and just pushed me harder.

Within the first three months, I was already seeing great results.  I lost about 12 pounds, my clothes were fitting better, and I was starting to see new muscles.   My food baby disappeared and my Lady started noticing and commenting on how I only had one remaining chin.  My cycling and running were also both improving.   Six months after starting Crossfit, I cut my half marathon time from 2h 04m to 1h 45m!

It is now nine months later and I am fitter, faster, and stronger.  I have lost over 35 pounds and feel great.  I look forward to going to bootcamp and really enjoy the classes.  Everyone is very supportive and  the coaches are fantastic.  They will get to know you and will even check up on you if you miss a class or two.  Anyone can do these exercises or a variation of them.  Every coach takes the time to modify the workout to meet everyone’s different needs. The vigorous cross training has been great for my overall fitness and fits well with my needs as a runner and an avid cyclist.

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