Shelley Conroy

Shelley Conroy: “I not only feel stronger on the outside, but Crossfit has made me a stronger person inside”

Playing sports all my life, division I softball in college and eventually running marathons, I always considered myself a healthy person.  I was never the type of person to lift weights or eat any strict diet, but would definitely think of myself as someone who was in great shape.  I soon realized after beginning Crossfit, I didn’t have a clue what being in “great shape” was like, but Katie would soon show me.

I reluctantly joined Crossfit after a bit of encouragement from my friend Rhonda.  I had really begun to plateau with my distance run training and looking for new ways to train my body and become a better runner.  I heard Rhonda enthusiastically talk about this “Crossfit thing” and began to ask questions.  Upon hearing the workouts (which would soon be affectionately referred to as W.O.D.S.) my initial ideas of Crossfit were laced with a bunch of buff guys and girls running around grunting and yelling, throwing up unrealistic weights in nonfunctional ways. I just knew it wasn’t going to be for me.  I hated gyms (still do) and couldn’t imagine liking something like that, but I decided to check it out anyway.

My first session w/ Katie was… well… unexpected.  Despite the session merely being introductory, my ass was officially “kicked”.  (The actual workout was only 12 minutes.)  I could run 20 miles and never feel nauseous, but 12 minutes and I was trying my best not to throw up all over my coach.   My initial impressions about Crossfit were completely wrong.  The Box felt nothing like a gym, and instead of the egotistical meatheads I thought I would encounter I found an incredibly fit group of men and women, not only dedicated to furthering their fitness, but helping me (and others) achieve my fitness goals as well.  Don’t get me wrong, competition is the name of the game, but from when the first person yells “time”, till the last person drops their weights, everyone is yelling and encouraging them to complete the W.O.D.  Within 2-3 weeks I felt the community aspect of Crossfit that my friend Rhonda raved about constantly.  Crossfit completely changed my mind not only about weight lifting, but about my own body.  I always thought lifting weighs was not something girls needed to do, it was also something I didn’t think I could be good at doing.I will admit Katie often has to encourage me to try heavy weights and push harder, but I know she only does that because she knows I can do it.

Upon joining Crossfit, I have lost 10 lbs, increased my strength exponentially (@ least 25lbs on all lifts), decreased my marathon pace (8:50min/mile) and generally become a healthier person.  I not only feel stronger on the outside, but Crossfit has made me a stronger person inside as well and everyday that I push myself further than the day before I am reminded of that.  I recently completed the Chicago Marathon in less than 4 hours, and felt better than I ever had when I crossed the finished line. I don’t think anyone finishes a marathon feeling great, but a runner can definitely tell the difference between feeling broken and feeling strong. My legs, back and shoulders felt strong, this is the first marathon I didn’t feel broken.  I owe that new found strength to Crossfit.  Crossfit has made a huge difference in my running and my life, in a way I could have never predicated.   I can’t thank everyone @ Bayou City Crossfit enough for what you have done for me.  Although I am moving and Crossfit Central will be my new community, Bayou City will always be my home and Katie will always be my coach!!!   I love you guys and will miss everyone!!! 4:00 O’clock!!!!

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