Tanner DeBettencourt

Tanner DeBettencourt, Old School to New School

Being an athlete my entire life and a gym rat in highschool, I thought I was “fit” already. I would run after every beach muscle session and eat the government’s recommended 11 servings of breads and grains a day.  That all changed when I began Crossfit.

I started Crossfit in September of 2009 because my baseball coach at the time, Charlie Johnson, wanted someone to go with him.  He told me that it was insane and said if it was as crazy as it sounded it would be a great way to get into better shape and take the “puff” off of me before going off to play college baseball.  When we first got to the box I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it was nonstop.  I was used to lifting, take a ten minute break, lift some more, and then another break.  This was a whole new territory for me.  I immediately began getting intimidated, especially after seeing this huge dude with tattoos all over his back and shoulders working out, Charlie and I looked at each other all wide-eyed like what did we get into?  Then it was time for the workout.

That first workout was a “big jar of suck”.  After my first workout I realized this was better than any workout I had ever tried.  I continued Crossfit  for a couple more weeks until I fell victim to the temptations of the college-life.  While at college I went back to the classic globo gym ways of “back and biceps” and “chest and triceps” but it just never satisfied me enough.  After my freshman year, it was apparent that the freshman 15 was not a myth!  Then during the summer of 2010 Charlie started a Crossfit Hardball class and as soon as I heard about it I had to do it.  Within a week, I had way too much of the Crossfit kool-aid because I was hooked.  I was so hooked that I even asked for a job cleaning up the box just to be around it more and this is where Crossfit changed my life the most.

Now that I was at the box so much I became friends with all of Bayou City Crossfit’s awesome coaches.  Within weeks of me starting the cleaning job they had all taken me under their wing.  They went out of their way to teach me all they knew about the proper form for lifts, how to eat, and how to coach others in these ways.   This opened my eyes to the possibility of becoming a Crossfit coach in the future.

Around the same time I accepted the whole nine challenge from Charlie Johnson.  This challenge consists of eating no dairy, sugar, or starches for 30 days.  Let’s just say it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life but because of the challenge my life has been changed forever!   I went from “puffy” to looking “fit” very quickly, lost about 15 pounds, and I now can say that I live a paleo lifestyle.  Well maybe not completely paleo, but about 95% of the time, I mean I am in college.

The summer of 2010 changed my life completely.  The help and support that I got from Vic, Charlie J, Charlie G, Shelby (Scooter), Katie, Kristian, Andrew, Vic Sr., Doug and many other people helped me become one of the strongest and the most fit players on the baseball team as a sophomore.  They also helped instill in me a healthy lifestyle that made me stay in shape throughout my second year of college and caused me to want to help others in their quest to become fit.  I took my Crossfit level 1 certification course in November 2010 and I am now the coach for the Crossfit Hardball class.  Bayou City Crossfit, You have changed my life. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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