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Hello my name is Tony Rangel and I am in the Vic Sr. masters class at Bayou City Cross Fit. You may not know me but I am the big guy that has taken some Faith Filled steps as to getting his life in order-healthy order that is!

While I was living in the ATX, I began giving serious thought to my health. I found myself being diagnosed with Diabetes and I started taking meds and I began walking Town Lake almost every day. I repeatedly, month after month would check in with my Doctor only to find myself being scolded every time i went for a visit-ugh!

My company offered me a position in Houston and since I was going to be headed home I began looking for something different to get my health right, so, I looked up Crossfit gyms in Houston and I looked at so many gyms but was afraid that because of my weight I was not going to be able to keep up with the younger crowd!  I then saw Bayou City Crossfit Gym and thought it was in a good location for me only living a few miles away.  The next thing that caught my eye was that BCCF had a Masters class and as I looked into it I sent Vic Jr. an e-mail and then he called me and said I want you to meet my father Vic Sr..  I explained my reasons for wanting to join and Vic Sr. said “come on”! Ha!  He still says that!

I started with the Masters in August 2011 and I worked out for 3 weeks and then came up with excuses and I missed two months (sept-oct.) of working out.  Its a good thing that Coach Vic believed in me and called me every week to see when I was coming back! I came back in November and began to take this Crossfit lifestyle by the horns.  There was so much encouragement when I came back and I can’t stop saying thanks to everyone for doing their part to keep me.

After about 3 months of staying faithful to the workout I went back to my Doctor and I saw all of my numbers fall into the Normal range and after being out of range, my numbers were sky high, my blood sugar was in the 250 range and my BP was also high, cholesterol was out of control.  With only 3 months of working out I saw what I considered a miracle! I even brought my paper work to show coach!

When I left Austin I weighed a slim 425 and i have dropped to 370 since being here, I have a few more things to do but I believe I am on my way to EPIC status!

My phrase that pays is found in The Book of Luke 9:23 which states-“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their Cross and follow me” paraphrased-“I am here getting Fit to carry my Cross”ala Crossfit!

Thanks to all the Coaches and to My Coach Vic Sr.,
Tony Rangel


  1. Way to go big brother! Wow, going from 425 to 370 is quite an accomplishment. Wonder what you look like now. You have been through some trial and I can even say that life has not been fair to you but by the grace of The Almighty Father, he has bought you friends to raise you up and into the promised land. Keep it up. I am proud of you and am thrilled that you are meeting your goals. There was once upon a time that I was scared for you and very concerned that I was not going to have time build new memories with you but that idea is fading! Thanks to all your Cross Fit coaches and Coach Vic Sr. for not giving up on you.

  2. Dianna Guerra says:

    Very inspiring Tony, thank you for sharing and for introducing Bayou City to me. I can’t wait to be go back, counting the days 🙂 Keep up the good work!!!

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