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  • Emily & Andrew's success story

    Before: 186 Lbs

    Emily & Andrew's success story

    After: 165 Lbs

    Life Changing"

    Bayou City has positively impacted us in numerous ways and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives. I thought my physical fitness had peaked long ago but Crossfit pushed us both to new limits. Nutrition is now a part of our daily routine, maybe m...

    21 Lbs Lost

    2% Drop In Body Fat

    3 Lbs Of Muscle Gained

    Emily & Andrew

    9 year(s) at Bayou City CrossFit

  • Michael Crellin's success story
    Michael Crellin's success story

    The coaches are invested in helping you reach your goals.

    I began my Crossfit journey back around 2010 when a co-worker introduced me to Bayou City CrossFit. My regular ol’ gym routine and forcing myself to do cardio was no longer cutting it and I was bored out of my mind. Based on what I had heard from my fri...

    Michael Crellin

    7 year(s) at Bayou City CrossFit